Duggar Hypocrisy

josh-anna-duggarJosh Duggar, the oldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and a married father of three, resigned from his position at the Family Research Council yesterday after In Touch Magazine revealed sexual molestation allegations from 2006. Then TLC cancelled the Duggar family’s seven-year television program 19 Kids and Counting. In 2002, at the age of fourteen, Josh sexually molested five teenage girls, including his sisters. Responding in a People Magazine exclusive, Josh said that he confessed his sin to his parents and that both he and his victims received counseling. Yet Jim Bob lied about giving his son counseling, waited one year before revealing Josh’s crimes to the police, and refused to let them interview Josh during their felony investigation in 2006. By then, the 3-year statute of limitations had expired.

LGBT supporters are calling the Duggar family hypocrites, since they hate both the TLC program and the FRC for their traditional family values. These people are angry that the Duggars call homosexuals child molesters and perverts but not themselves. Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee, Matt Walsh, and other Christians in the media are telling readers not to “cast the first stone” (John 8:1, KJV), since we’re all sinners and Josh repented. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Both are.

LGBT propaganda is two-pronged. First, it gives homosexuality a new public image. Instead of being called child molesters and perverts as most really are, homosexuals are portrayed as being like everyone else. They just happen to love the same gender. Second, LGBT propaganda ridicules the traditional family – one man and one woman for life. This Communist movement is a satanic plague meant to rid society of God and destroy civilization as we know it. I refuse to endorse anything LGBT, but I agree with its assessment of Josh Duggar. Still, nothing that the Duggars say or do can change truth, only sinners’ reception of it. “Let God be true but every man a liar” (Romans 3:4).[1]

woman-caught-in-adultery jesusWe can’t “cast the first stone” unless we’re without sin. He who breaks one law is guilty of breaking all (James 2:10). Still, some Pharisees ready to stone the woman caught in adultery may have themselves been guilty of adultery (John 8:3-5). We don’t know. I mention this because when Jesus said, “Judge not, that you be not judged,” he was referring to hypocrisy (Matthew 7:1). If we have the plank of adultery in our own eyes but focus on the speck of sexual sin in another person’s eyes and try to remove it, then we’re guilty of hypocrisy (7:3-4). If we want to focus on another person’s sin, then we must first repent of our own (7:5).

Josh said he repented and only God knows his heart. The Duggars still hid this police investigation from the media for nearly a decade. Although families shouldn’t air their dirty laundry in public, the Duggars were given a public platform through their TV program, as was Josh through the Family Research Council. Josh or his family could have used this opportunity to talk about his crimes and God’s cleansing grace, but they didn’t. Instead, the Duggars tried to whitewash themselves as the perfect Christian family. Through their platforms, they also focused on other people’s specks when they still had planks. As a result, when the truth came out, their deception exploded in their faces and their testimony was ruined. This is why even “a little folly” stinks, “to one respected for honor and wisdom” (Ecclesiastes 10:1).

Josh would have been arrested as a juvenile for his crimes, if the statute of limitations hadn’t passed. His juvenile record would still have been sealed once he became an adult, so it wouldn’t have affected university or job applications. However, avoiding the law was moral lawlessness and cowardice. Some sins are crimes and no one is above the law.

I pity Josh’s victims. He confessed his sin to his parents, but did he also make restitution to his victims? These girls are scarred for life; they might have issues with male trust. I also wonder what led Josh to do what he did. Maybe an adult leader taught him how to molest someone or he watched someone being molested, so Josh himself might be a victim. Sex abuse victims are plentiful in the Quiverfull movement, of which the Duggars are members. This patriarchy cult was founded in 1985; sex allegations have plagued it for years. The Duggars are also adherents of the Advanced Training Institute. Bill Gothard, its founder, was recently accused of sexually assaulting more than 30 women.

Quiverfull and ATI teaching contains “earthly, sensual,” and “demonic” wisdom (James 3:15). The results are “confusion and every evil thing,” which we now see in the Duggars (3:16). I pray they discover pure wisdom from above (3:17).


[1] New King James Version (NKJV), unless otherwise noted


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